Chuka Ecotourism Site

Chukha beach is the part of the Pilibhit Tiger Reserve. Famous among nature lovers & wildlife enthusiasts, this beach is located in the terai region of Uttar Pradesh. Chuka beach is situated on the bank of Sharda river in Pilibhit district. The Sharda Sagar dam on Sharda river forms Sharda Sagar reservoir which along with the forest areas presents a beautiful landscape.
The Sal forests which are known for their rich biodiversity are home to various species of birds and animals. The beach offers an opportunity to renew your ties with nature. Tourists can come and enjoy the stay at Chuka Beach huts in the forest. It is a beautiful tourist destination. Chuka Beach is having facility of accomodation at bamboo hut, tree hut and Tharu huts.
Besides enjoying the marvellous view of Chuka Beach, the tourists can also get an opportunity to explore the wildlife of Pilibhit Tiger Reserve by taking ride of Jungle Safari.

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Major Attractions

  • Wildlife Safari
  • Water Reservoir
  • Photography Adventure
  • Bird Watching
  • Nature Trail